The Ultimate in High Security Door and Frame Sets


High security steel doors
engineered for security
designed for aesthetics
Soham Security Products are manufacturers and installers of Steel Security Door and Frame Sets nation-wide. All our doors are custom built both to size and specification, which enables us to remove an existing door and frame and fit a replacement security door and frame manufactured to fit exactly and fitted with the furniture of your choice to perform a specific purpose. We pride ourselves in offering the complete service from the initial site survey through to the final installation and painting in the customer's own livery.

The Senator Door and Frame set has been designed to meet the aesthetics required on any working environment whilst offering maximum security with our own Multi Point locking Systems which can be combined with any of these options.

*Self-closing door
*Multi point 4 point locking door with lever handle or push pad
*Multi 6 point locking
*One handed exit override of external locking
*Outside key locking and lever handle
*Veneer finish
*Painting (to own choice)
*Spy viewer fitted
*Ventilation grill

The Centurion Fire Escape Door and frame Set boasts a four-point locking mechanism operated by either a push pad panic bar for high occupancy buildings or lever handle (shown left), which maybe preferred for shop or office locations. Both have the option of being lockable whilst the premises are unoccupied.

The Centurion Range is designed and manufactured to suit the customer's own dimensions, providing either inward or outward opening, with single or double leaf capabilities. A complete factory or on-site finishing service can be provided to suit customers requirements (if required).

The optional Security Ventilation Grill provides adequate through-flow ventilation whilst operating off the fire escape mechanism in the usual manner to provide free exit in case of an emergency.
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